The Great Society

Performance-wear with Integrity

Defy gravity — work, sweat, run, get dirty, eat, drink, travel, and have fun in your clothes.

No Guilt. We set the bar in ethical manufacturing so you can rest assured your clothes are made ethically. 

No Toxins. We apply low-impact dying processes to our fabrics using non-toxic chemicals requiring less water to create rich colors that won’t fade.

No Waste. We source recycled and organic fibres to minimize our environmental impact and support healthy farming.

No Sweat. We use body safe, biodegradable technology that wicks away sweat and dries fabric quickly.

No Junk. We use the best practices in athletic apparel manufacturing to make long-lasting clothing. 

No Overkill. We design city-ready, performance apparel avoiding harsh colors and loud logos. 

No Hiding. We openly share our production practices directly to you so you can efficiently access the information you need.


Our Future

We aim to sustainably build our collection of performance-wear, grow our innovative production capabilities, and dial in on our production impact while highly engaging in adventure, creative outlets, athletic events, community development, and environmentally focused projects. We look to collaborate with fellow artists, entrepreneurs, respected companies,  non-profits, motivating athletes, and progressive risk-takers.

How We Do Things

Quality Standard

Quality involves how something is made. Often times, in the apparel industry, key variables are left out that should determine if the product is of actual quality. Questions regarding steps of production go unanswered and we believe you deserve the full story behind the product prior to purchasing. You should be able to ask: does the item benefit my lifestyle? Can I do multiple things in it? Can I wear it many times? Does it fit me properly? Were the materials sourced consciously? Was the piece made by adult workers earning livable wages in safe facilities? Was environmental impact considered when developing the design? Was it constructed with craft and finished in detail? We make our products to last, to be highly versatile, and to function at a superior level. We show you how and why we develop products our unique way so you can knowledgeably decide which goods best suit you and your lifestyle.  

Transparent Design

We use resources, tools, and growing knowledge to our best ability when sourcing and manufacturing apparel. Fibre considers environmental and community impact, the quality of the materials, the versatility of the product, and the comfort provided to you. We work with mills and factories abiding by fair practices and a range of certification standards dependent upon the specific material used to develop the product.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is an alternative business model focusing on the triple bottom line: People, The Planet, and Profits. More than one billion of the world’s population survive on less than $1 per day. Fair Trade aims to combat this widespread poverty by providing opportunity for economically disadvantaged producers, cultivating transparent trade partnerships, ensuring safe working conditions and the rights of women and children, and focusing on environmental sustainability through all stages of production. Fibre Athletics is a Chicago Fair Trade business member. Our materials and trims are responsibly sourced and cut and sewn in the U.S.


With the environment in mind, we look for materials that perform while progressing the apparel industry towards cleaner production. We use organic, recycled, and low-impact materials in Fibre Athletics products. We decrease our carbon footprint by producing less waste, minimizing toxic pollutants, and using less energy. See detailed information about our fabrics within each product page.

Special Thanks to : 

The Great Society Film : David Pavlina, Director ; Jacob Boll, Music and Photography 

Product Photography : Kevin Serna

Website : Jasmine Buchberger, Matthew Marks, Curt Silvers