The Great Society

The Fibre Athletics fire was lit during the Chicago Marathon by thousands of doers coming together, powered by the juice of individual and collective achievement. We seek to build a movement of people everywhere that value gear they can believe in and see life as an adventure that should vibrantly connect to and nurture the world around us.

A life-style company that makes high quality, fair trade active wear from 100% organic and recycled materials, Fibre supports poverty alleviation and environmental restoration projects with each sale.

We bring our customers together through our products, blogs and events for experiences that align with their values, push their bodies, challenge assumptions, lift their spirits and help transform themselves and the world they live in.


Fibre is built on the following Core Values:

Integrity (represented by the purity of a drop of water): Our products are made from organic and recycled materials and will be good for our earth. The people that make them are treated with respect and paid a living wage.  We commit to making durable, long lasting gear that aligns with your values as we build our Fibre Community. Click here to learn more about our commitment to making quality products that you can believe in.


Community (represented by a tree icon): A hike amongst the Redwoods in Northern California inspired the tree icon. We learned that these giant trees grow and stay strong by binding and intertwining their roots with the other trees in the forest.  Fibre creates a community of doers and adventure seekers who are inspired to explore their relationship with fitness, the outdoors and giving back.  We invite you to join us for fitness events, service and adventure trips and regular celebrations so that we can build relationships with like-minded people and realize real Impact.


Impact (represented by rippling water extending outward):  With each purchase of Fibre gear and by attending Fibre events, our customers support environmental restoration and poverty alleviation projects in the US and abroad.  Together, we will do great things. Click  here to learn more about the Impact our community creates.


We welcome you as we build a community of doers that seek to engage, connect, give back and live life as the awesome adventure that it is. 

Click here to learn more about our commitment to quality and integrity.

Special Thanks to : 

The Great Society Film : David Pavlina, Director ; Jacob Boll, Music and Photography 

Product Photography : Kevin Serna

Website : Jasmine Buchberger, Matthew Marks, Curt Silvers