The True Cost and True Inspiration

In 2015, I attended a special screening of ‘The True Cost’ with a Q & A with the film’s director Andrew Morgan. It was a powerful night. I considered myself to be eco conscious but was faced with the fact that I had never truly contemplated the impact of my how or where my clothes were made. I had no idea that over 97% of our clothes were made in the US prior to the 1980’s and it never occurred to me how I could get a fairly nice hoodie or shirt for around the same I’d pay for a cocktail in Chicago.

Celebrating our Fibre Community

Our friends and family came together to help us celebrate the new Fibre tees and accessories and our community impact partners Cara and the Eden Projects. It was a remarkable evening. Fibre is an ambitious idea and it requires some ambitious and hard working people to pull off an event like that. The night was a very humbling experience, because it was the essence of what we want Fibre to be.

GROW – Impact and Community Around the World

The Fibre Grow Tee will support Eden’s ‘True Village’ Project in Madagascar. Its beautiful design and subtle nod to Madagascar’s mangrove trees is also a challenge to us all to keep pushing ourselves and to keep growing in our own lives. We believe this super soft, beautiful shirt, is a reflection of who we are and the choices we can make and it helps shorten the distance between us and the communities we will support.

The Chicago Spirit – Awe, Inspiration and Power

Embedded in Chicago’s beauty and unique character is a challenge that we often do not want to acknowledge or face. Homelessness impacts well over 120,000 residents per year on average including almost 20,000 public school students. This doesn’t include the thousands that are one job loss or illness away from homelessness. We can and will do better. This city gives us our center, our strength…our Fibre. We will share it with those in need.

The Values At Our Core

As we fight the tidal wave of negative politics and news that we are bombarded with at a furious pace from endless sources of information, it can be easy to believe that perhaps maybe we are not guided by values grounded in goodness or a sound spiritual core. At Fibre, we believe that people are bursting inside to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to give back and to engage.

Everything Lives Where Trees Live

“Everything lives where trees live”

This is the simple and powerful message from Fibre’s Impact Partner, The Eden Projects, that we invite you to consider as we learn about the real impact and causes of deforestation around the world.