Welcome to the Fibre Athletics 2017 Crowdfunding Sale! Below are 8 products that we are excited to put into production with your help. Each product directly benefits one of our Social Impact Partners to help those in need. Join the Fibre Community…folks that choose gear made with integrity that aligns with their values, who want to get up, get out, get engaged, sweat and give back.  Thank you and check out our Crowdfunding Incentives!


8% of Goal Reached: – 30 Days Remaining   
Estimated shipping in July


 Questions and Answers:

FAQ: Crowdfunding Campaign

What is Fibre Athletics?

Fibre Athletics is a  life-style company that makes high quality, fair trade active wear from 100% organic and recycled materials, Fibre supports poverty alleviation and environmental restoration projects with each sale. Click here to learn more about us.

Why a crowdfunding campaign? In order to determine which products we will offer and to fund production, we crowd fund each of them to gauge customer interest, thus only producing only viable items to add to our line.

What are the risks? Each product in our crowdfunding campaign will be produced only if enough are made to distribute as full product lines. Full refunds will be given if products are unable to go into production.

When will I receive my products? Products are expected to arrive in July, but are subject to change. More information on product arrival date will be sent at a later date.

When will I receive my perks?Each perk will be sent to you immediately following your purchase.



  Thank you for your support and let’s Grow It! Everyone helping us Find Community by spending $25 or more on our crowdfunding items will receive a “plantable pencil” that can be harvested after it’s used to grow herbs, flowers, or vegetables.


In addition to receiving a “plantable pencil,” by spending $75 or more on our crowdfunding items, you’ll receive a code for $15 off a Women’s or Men’s Pursuit Top of your choice. You’ll get the lowest price ever at only $45!


If you spend $100 or more on our crowdfunding items, you’ll receive a “plantable pencil,” a code for $15 off a Women’s or Men’s Pursuit Top of your choice, and a code for $40 off a Women’s or Men’s Everywhere Jacket. That’s over 25% off two full-price items! 

You’re the best! By spending $250 or more during our crowdfunding sale (a minimum of $100 must be from our crowdfunding items) you will receive all of the above perks and a FREE ticket to our Fibre Athletics Fitness N’ Feast Event with Andrew Leonard Coaching – an $80 value!