Fibre Ambassadors


Thank you for your interest in being a Fibre Athletics Brand Ambassador! The Brand Ambassador Program supports the Fibre Community…folks that choose gear made with integrity that aligns with their values, who want to get up, get out, get engaged, sweat and give back.


Fill out the application below to apply for a 1-month, Brand Ambassador position. Brand Ambassadors must agree to post about Fibre Athletics’ products and maintain an active social media presence.


  • Post once a week for a month about the Fibre Athletics products you are representing
  • Tag us, promote our shared values, spread the message
  • Receive special Brand Ambassador Pricing (up to 75% off products!)
  • Receive a coupon code for friends and family to get discounted Fibre Athletics apparel
  • #FindFibre with us to help transform our lives and the world we live in



Non-Disclosure Agreement
To be a Brand Ambassador you must agree to this NDA (non-disclosure agreement), stating you will not use Fibre Athletics’ marketing strategies to implement in your business. You agree not to disclose them with others, either by sharing or selling. Violating this NDA means that legal action may be pursued against you. The party who reveals confidential information could be sued for damages, be forced to pay back lost profits, and in some cases, be held in contempt of court (which could lead to criminal charges).


Non-Compete Clause
This non-compete clause (NCC) is effective when you are selected as a Brand Ambassador. For the duration of your Brand Ambassadorship, you shall not directly or indirectly solicit business from, attempt to sell, license or provide, the same or similar products as are now provided to, any customers or clients of Fibre Athletics, LLC. You shall not at any time disclose the above strategy, in any manner, either directly or indirectly, for the use for the personal benefit. It is agreed that if a Brand Ambassador violates the terms of this agreement, irreparable harm may occur, and financial compensation may be pursued.