Truncation 65 ethical clothing brands that won’t cramp your style | Spring, 2017

I am coming to believe that there is a natural progression that happens when someone takes a step back from spending money without thought or purpose. Or rather, the choice to shop less has a natural consequence: it causes you to question your motives. The questions arise: why am I shopping and consuming less and more importantly: why was I consuming so much before?

And that’s when it hits you (me): we are all a product of our environment.

Clementine Daily – Four Ethical, American Made Brands To Shop Now | April, 2017

If you want to do the right thing for both makers and Mother Earth, here’s where to buy all of your wardrobe essentials, from your undies to your jeans.  We so easily purchase bagfuls of shirts and shoes at the store without ever considering how they got there, as if yarn can mysteriously weave itself into a sweater while it falls from the sky and onto a hanger.
We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite labels of the moment for thoughtful wardrobe essentials, from lingerie to athletic apparel and more. All are responsibly and respectfully made in the United States.
MindBodyGreen – 4 Stylish Athleisure Brands You’d Never Know Were Eco-Friendly | October 1, 2016

Since workout clothes stick to the skin after a good, sweaty workout, you want to be sure you really understand what chemicals go into them. That’s why my team over at Project JUST compiled this list of stylish athletic brands that offer high-quality products with a positive environmental and social impact.

Project Just  – The Best Brands in Athletic Wear Moving The Industry Forward | September 7, 2016

We look at the environmental and social practices of each of the nominated brands and whether or not they share enough information for us to research. In some cases, brands are doing great work from an environmental perspective, but share little or nothing on their labor practices, and vice versa – which isn’t enough to get them shortlisted. In addition to looking at how transparent the brand is, we also consider availability, accessibility (size and price) quality and aesthetic.

Remake  – 2016 Olympic Winners for Best Ethical Sportswear | August 8, 2016

“It’s time for the Olympics! Here are Remake’s winners in the stylish, ethical and sustainable sportswear category. Bronze: Fibre Athletics. New player Fibre Athletics gets a medal for launching their sportswear line, made fairly in the USA from organic and recycled materials.”

Remake  – 6 Sustainably Made in the USA Brands to Rock While Taking in the Fireworks | July 1, 2016

“Happy 4th of July! Need a new outfit for the parades, barbecues, and fireworks? Did you know that 97% of of our clothes are made overseas? It seems funny to rock a U.S.A. t-shirt that’s made in China on the holiday. But just ‘cause something is made in the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s sweatshop free. Fear not Remakers. Here’s our guide to ethical U.S. brands that are creating jobs with dignity right here at home and saving on carbon emissions. Sizzle on as you take in those fireworks!”

Chicago Athlete – New Activewear Brand Focuses on Fashion, Comfort, and Sustainability | June 8, 2016

“”We are being an open, easy to navigate dictionary, on how clothing production works. I think it’s a place where people can learn more about the clothes that they wear,” says Monroe. Fibre Athletics just launched in April and already customers have recognized the importance in the company’s values.”


Worldview | WBEZ – Worldview Previews 2016 World Fair Trade Day Expo | May 02, 2016

We look at what’s ahead for this year’s Expo with Katherine Bissell Cordova, executive director at Chicago Fair Trade. Joining her are Steve Sullivan, owner of Fibre Athletics and Shifra Whiteman, a fair trade entrepreneur, who created an educational exhibit titled, Purchasing Power: Chicago’s Relationship with Conscious Consumerism. Whiteman will soon launch her own fair trade brand, Pintl & Keyt.



Huffington Post – 8 Fashion Brands That Are Dedicated to Saving the Planet | April 27, 2016

“Fibre Athletics is a Chicago Fair Trade company focused on “cultivat[ing] positive human development” and its environmental impact through fashion.  With each purchase, Fibre donates to two charities, including The Eden Project, which restores forests in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Nepal.”



Teen Vogue – 8 Fashion Brands That Are Dedicated to Saving the Planet | April 21, 2016

As Earth Day approaches, we’re reminded that there are plenty of ways to show our love for the planet and contribute to its conservation—many of which involve our wardrobes. We can shop for eco-friendly clothes and accessories, we can don apparel that sends an Earth-loving message, and we can support companies that promote conservation causes year-round. These eight brands make it a mission to donate at least a portion of their proceeds to charities focused on environmental preservation.



“If you’re always looking for the newest trend in clothes and love a good workout, Fibre Athletics may be your one-stop shop! Opening in early 2016, Fibre Athletics aims to create apparel that comforts your lifestyle, shelters your body, and supports the world around us, through 100% organic and recycled fabrics. Their pieces are produced in the USA, where all employees earn living wages in safe working conditions. And, your impact is even bigger than in just the USA alone: with every purchase you make, they donate to environmental restoration and poverty alleviation projects around the globe.”

Crain’s Chicago Business – You’ve Tried Slow Food. What About Slow Fashion? | January 8, 2016

Steve Sullivan’s Chicago-based activewear startup, Fibre Athletics, is doing just that. “You have to say with pride and loudly that these are sustainable products that are made well and people are being paid fairly (to make them),” says Sullivan, CEO of Fibre Athletics, which sells American-made, fair trade-certified, organic cotton fleece jackets and sweat-wicking, recycled polyester short-sleeve tops for men and women.


We’ve taken a close look at the companies supplying organic clothing and included our 13 favorites based on their overall commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, as well as their aesthetic. The brands range across a number of versatile categories from athletic wear and nightwear, to dresses and basics.

Maker’s RowRecognition for Sustainable Sourcing and Production

“I was a new recruit in production with a background in design and little knowledge of material manufacturing and sourcing. Add in the aspirations to promote sustainable materials, ethical production, and stateside development for purposes of minimizing environmental impact, and I was a total rookie. I had new shoes on for my first time at bat and wish someone had been there to teach me to tie my laces.”


“The fashion industry is ripe with opportunity to improve the ethics and responsibility of production. With all of the various niches you could have chosen – from accessories to luxury lines to basics – why did you choose athletic clothing to make your mark?

We believe part of sustainability is being minimal in your consumption, aka choosing wisely. We create extremely versatile, comfortable, and durable pieces that align with many people’s real lifestyles. People are going 90 miles a minute, traveling everywhere, and achieving so much every single day. We want them to be able to go throughout the day or their travels without changing all the time or packing mounds of stuff. I designed pieces that cater to this concept.”


Time Out ChicagoFibre Athletics | December 10, 2015

“Fibre Athletics is an online-only business founded by Steve Sullivan and designed by partner Sadie Monroe. The Chicago-based startup is focused on developing high quality, sustainable, lifestyle products. Materials are ethically sourced and clothing is made in the U.S.A. using 100 percent organic and recycled fabrics.”

Entrepreneur Podcast NetworkFibre Athletics: A Truly Sustainable Activewear Line | December 7, 2015

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Steve Sullivan discuss the following: I understand you have recently launched an activewear line that is Made in the USA. Can you tell me more about Fibre Athletics? Truly sustainable products are in high demand, especially with millennials. Did you start Fibre Athletics to fill this specific need in the activewear market? So many of us are trying to find a way we can give back to others. I understand as a brand, Fibre Athletics feels very strongly about their commitment to giving back to not only people, but the environment. Can you tell me how you are doing this? Many companies use crowdfunding to increase product supplies. Can you tell me about your Indiegogo campaign you recently launched and how it is helping create a community of engaged consumers? Where can people go to get involved with this adventurous community and to find out more about your line of activewear?

Sitepoint 9 Entrepreneurs And The Companies They’re Thankful For | November 20, 2015

“Although we don’t follow the Tom’s model of buy one donate one, as we seek to make impact that supports local communities addressing these issues themselves, it was a clear example of leveraging commerce to take on difficult problems. That was inspiring, and provided the spark that led to Fibre Athletics.”